Open water swimmers for the international LEN 10 km…

Ter Rede van Hoorn 2013

Welcome in Hoorn!

On Saturday 22 August 2015 an international 10 km leg take place in Hoorn, The Netherlands. After the sixth time for the LEN –cup (10 km), included the Final Leg in 2011, 2015 is our seventh international 10 km. This leg is the fourth of the European Open Water Swimming Cup legs before the leg in Denmark on 29 August and the final leg in Italy on 12 September.

On behalf of the organization, FDN ‘Ter Rede van Hoorn’ and the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB), we are honored to welcome you. The competition will take place in the former Zuiderzee (sea), now Markermeer (lake and fresh), and the 16th century harbor. A description of the location, the venues and the complete programme can be found at

Hoorn is a scenic city, over 650 years old and the home of 70,000 inhabitants. In the Golden Age (1600 – 1700) Hoorn was a city of importance and wealth. Please check the website for further information. It’s an experience! Open water swimming is a growing sport in The Netherlands, also in Hoorn. The fact that Olympic and World Champions Maarten van der Weijden and Edith van Dijk did swim here no doubt contributes to its popularity.
The competition will take place on Saturday (start at 11:30 hrs, 10 km). The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) handles the final entry forms, and the transportation and accommodation forms.

Accommodation will be available at the new local hotel Van der Valk Hoorn. Please check for further information and forms.
We will welcome our international guests at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 August. The Dutch Railways provide free transportation from the airport to Hoorn. The journey takes about 60 minutes. In Hoorn we provide free transport for our guests; taxi buses will be available for transport between station, hotel
and swimming locations, on request. You will receive further information on arrival.

We offer training possibilities free of charge on Thursday and Friday at the E.K. 10 km lane and the indoor swimming pool De Waterhoorn ( or outdoor De Wijzend ( In our competition area you will find a VIP tent for swimmers and officials. This tent is near the swimming lanes, so participants can prepare themselves in favourable conditions. Briefings and press conferences will be held at our VIP tent on location. Briefing on Friday at 20:00 hrs for coaches and officials however is in the hotel, Saturday at 09:45 hrs, for swimmers, coaches and officials is on location. Press conferences on Saturday are at 16:00 hrs.

All co-operators of the federation are eager to make their guests have a wonderful weekend. We look forward to welcoming you in Hoorn; it will be something very special for all of us!

Hans Beenker,
chairman swimming federation ‘Ter Rede van Hoorn’